About the KABS




The Korean Association of Buddhist Studies (KABS) was established in May 2000 to serve as an academic society where scholars of Buddhism can actively debate and exchange ideas. The KABS endeavors to enhance our understanding of Buddhism through rigorous academic research and discussion.


The KABS holds academic conferences, seminars, and workshops twice a year, and also publishes the Korean Journal of Buddhist Studies (KJBS) quarterly. KJBS has been recognized as a journal of excellence by the National Research Foundation of Korea since 2015.   



Journal Management Team


Managers of the Review Process:

Area 1 (Indian Buddhism): 강성용 Kang, Sung Yong (Seoul National University)
Area 2 (Tibetan and Mongolian Buddhism): 차상엽 Cha, Sang-yeob (Kyungpook National University)
Area 3 (East Asian Buddhism): 김용태 Kim, Yongtae (Dongguk University)
Area 4 (Applied and Contemporary Buddhism): 박성현 Park, Sung Hyun (Seoul University of Buddhism)



Publication Process Manager: 이자랑 Lee, Ja-Rang (Dongguk University), 강희정 Kang, Hee Jung (Sogang University), 김영진 Kim, Young-jin (Dongguk University, Gyeongju), 박소현 Park, So-hyun (Yeungnam University), 조기룡 Cho, Ki-ryong (Dongguk University)


Ethics Editor: 함형석 Ham, Hyoung Seok (Chonnam National University)


Manuscript Editor: 김현덕 Kim, Hyeon-deog (Kyungpook National University)


Website Specialist: (주)에이퍼브, APUB Co.