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2007 Vol.17
31 August 2007. pp. 5~32
This paper discusses characteristics of historical science on Buddhist history in Republic China age. In those day, Buddhist scholars succeeded to the traditional philology in studying on Buddhist history, and then they accepted textualism and Philosophy as a appropriate method from Western. Historical science is an important field of chinese philology in Qing dynasty, Chen Yuan proofread such texts related buddhist history with that. Chen Yinke and Tang Yongtong are eminent scholars in early twentieth century, they were educated at Harvard in their youth. Chen Yinke's study was based on textualism and he put a high value on comparative linguistics. Tang Yongtong was influenced by Irving Babbit who advocates new humanism.
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  • Publisher :Korean Association of Buddhist Studies
  • Publisher(Ko) :불교학연구회
  • Journal Title :Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies
  • Journal Title(Ko) :불교학연구
  • Volume : 17
  • No :0
  • Pages :5~32