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KABS Mujin Prize 


The 3nd Award Announcement KABS Mujin Writing


The Korean Association of Buddhist Studies (KABS) invites excellent papers in any discipline of Buddhist Studies to promote pioneering researches of early career scholars. KABS will provide an award of $3,000 to three papers based on evaluation by the committee formed of the KABS editors and guest specialists.
Awarded papers will be published through KABS’s official journal, Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies (Bulgyohak Yŏngu 佛敎學硏究 [March 31, 2022]). KABS will also provide opportunities of publication to outstanding, but not awarded, papers.
KABS Mujin Writing Award is established by generous support of Mujin, Kyonghwan Hwang. KABS plans to hold this writing competition every year.



How to Apply


Ph.D. students and early career Ph.Ds (who obtained the degree within 5 years, that is, after 2016) are eligible. Among multiple outstanding papers of equal merits, priority will go to papers by those who are independent scholars or on non-tenure track positions. Papers should be written in English on MS Word. Papers may be written on any topic related to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies. The deadline is September 30, 2021 (KST; Local Time in Seoul).
To submit your paper or query about the details of the award, please email to


KABS Mujin Prize Announcement 2021 download


About the supporter of KABS Mujin Prize


The KABS Mujin Prize is established by kind support of Mr. Kyonghwan Hwang whose Buddhist name is Mujin. He has been an engaged Buddhist in academic and social activities for decades, as his profile shows:


- the President of the Ulsan Buddhist Broadcasting System
- the 13th Chairman of the People to People International, Korea National Headquater
- Board Member and Member of Research Committee of the Korean Institute for Buddhist Studies Association, Inc. (韓國佛敎硏究院)
- Senior Fellow of the Center of Early Buddhist Studies
- the Honorary President of the Kyungbook Daily News
- the President of the Jinyang Tanker Co., Ltd.
- the President of the Gyeongju ICS Co., Ltd.




The KABS Mujin Prize Executive Committee


Prof. Dr. Sung Yong Kang (Chair of the Committee)

Institute of Humanities, Seoul National University


Prof. Dr. Sangyeob Cha

Institute of East-West Thought, Kyungpook National University


Dr. Yoon Kyung Cho

Academy of Buddhist Studies, Dongguk University


Prof. Dr. Hyoung Seok Ham

Department of Philosophy, Chonnam National University


Prof. Dr. Sung Chul Kim

Institute of East-West Thought, Kyungpook National University


Prof. Dr. Seung-Taek Lim

Department of Philosophy, Kyungpook University


Prof. Dr. Bo-Ram Park

Department of Philosophy, Chungbuk National University