31 December 2005. pp. 437~464
In case of the sect which depends on Suturas directly the Transmission between master and disciple itself does not have lots of weight. But in case of the sect changed newly in China, it is natural that we pay full attention to its root. The representative sects which grew up newly in East Asia are Tian-tai Sect and Chan Sect. The patriarch lineage theory of the Chinese Tian-tai Sect made an earlier start than those of any other sects. When the import and translation of the Suturas were carried out by executive monks, also the analysis of the doctrine was performed The period when Chih-i(智顗, 538-697)did active activity is when the analysis of the Suturas was actively fulfilled. India and China are different from each other in climate, geography and the Humanities environment. Accordingly although the Indian Buddhism was imported, The variation on a Chinese basis was inevitable. And The question of the root was raised by Guan-ding, disciple of Chih-i. As Guan-ding(灌頂) knew that Tian-tai, his master, played a pivot role in Chinese politics and culture, he had the historical awareness that he must hand his everything down to the next generation. So he would have the awareness that he must prepare the root to Chih-i. This is the beginning of Tian-tai Sect Patriarch Lineage theory. The background of the patriarch lineage theory of Guan-ding is Lotus Sutra. Buddha who went up to the heaven long time ago adopted the preaching in reality and also in future. This means that the Buddha of the past is accord with the Buddha of the present And the new theory depending on fu-fa-zang-yin-yuan-chuan(付法藏因緣傳), which contained the preaching of the patriarchs since Buddha was made. This is the Tian-tai Sect Patriarch Lineage theory which stands for Buddha’s Preaching and for Tian-tai’s preaching. The characteristic of the above theory is that it goes beyond the limits of time and region. It means that indirect preaching not face to face preaching is acknowledged Zhanran(湛然), Priest of Tang(唐) Kingdom developed the theory of Guan-ding And since then the Tian-tai Sect Patriarch Lineage theory has been popular among the Buddhists in Korea and in Japan.
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