December 2005. pp. 381~404
In this paper I will show the characteristic of Chan-jan`thoughts in "Shi-pu er-men"(十不二門). It is the combination of T'ien-t'ai and Hua-yen. It is divided three point.First, T'ien-t'ai of shi-hsiang lun(實相論) and Hua-yen of i-chi i-qie(一卽一切) are combined. In nei-wai pu-er men(內外不二門) of "Shi-pu er-men"(十不二門), shi-hsiang lun(實相論) belongs to nei(內) and i-chi i-qie(一卽一切) belongs to wai(外). Second, Chan-jan uses fa-jie(法界) of Hua-yen in "Shi-pu er-men"(十不二門). Fa-jie(法界) of Hua-yen means the truth of world whereas fa-jie(法界) of T'ien-t'ai means general world.Third, Chan-jan uses yüan-ch'i(緣起) of Hua-yen in "Shi-pu er-men"(十不二門). Hua-yen says that the law of yüan-ch'i(緣起) is one and Chan-jan says that the law of yüan-ch'i(緣起) is one.
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  • Publisher :Korean Association of Buddhist Studies
  • Publisher(Ko) :불교학연구회
  • Journal Title :Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies
  • Journal Title(Ko) :불교학연구
  • Volume : 12
  • No :0
  • Pages :381~404