30 June 2004. pp. 185~215
Tathāgata zen' which is stated in Lanka sûtra is not conditioned things in the casual state because that is Tathāgata's protection-pra ctice for Bodhisattva. 'Patriarch zen' which is called in later ages is not something particular with 'Tathāgata (purity) zen' that is said by Shen-hui神會 and Ma-zu馬祖․Zong-mi宗密. By the way the specialdesignation of 'Patriarch zen' have some natural reason and historical background. That is, the first : they presented the type of awakening by conversation and to ask of matters directly, the second : the practice of transcendence of vipaśyanā, the third : the Dharma succession through direct transmission from mind to mind, the four : the zen of sudden enlightenment and sudden practice, non-forced practice, the five : misunderstanding on the [progressing into Tathāgata zen] for [Tathāgata zen]. Generally speaking the 'Patriarch zen' is fundamental to Lanka zen, and include sanction of accomplishment on the assumption of embodiment in Dharma, and that is Patriarch's personal transmission.
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  • Publisher :Korean Association of Buddhist Studies
  • Publisher(Ko) :불교학연구회
  • Journal Title :Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies
  • Journal Title(Ko) :불교학연구
  • Volume : 8
  • No :0
  • Pages :185~215