30 June 2002. pp. 171~190
As an elementary work for investigating the development of the ideal of Samantabhadra-Bodhisattva-Caryā-Praṇidhāna(普賢菩薩行願) in East Asia, and its the ideological and religious meaning, the present thesis tries the approach of literature reviews of the idea and relevant materials. Particularly, P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in(普賢行願品) and its commentaries, which are central materials on the establishment of the idea of Samantabhadra-Bodhisattva-Caryā- Praṇidhāna, are mainly considered for reviewing currently popular views. The outcome of the study is summarized as follows. ① The concept of 'Samantabhadra-Bodhisattva-Caryā-Praṇidhāna' was recognized as the symbol of Bodhisattva's practice in Hwa-yen Buddhism or Hwa-yen Sūtra, and the contents included specifically noticeable '10 Caryā-Praṇidhānas(十種行願)'.② P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in bie-xing shu(普賢行願品別行疏) of Ch'eng-kuan(澄觀) was not just a shorter edition of P'u-xian hsing- yuan p'in shu.③ The existence and circulation of P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in could be traced, and P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in bie-xing shu was an interpreta- tion of the book.④ It was revealed that it was incorrect that P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in shu or P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in shu ch'ao(普賢行願品疏鈔) was understood to be written by Tsung-mi(宗密), and that it was out of misunderstanding that P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in shu ch'ao was recognized as a nickname of P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in bie-xing shu ch'ao.⑤ It was confirmed that P'u-xian hsing-yuan p'in bie-xing shu ch'ao had been written by Tsung-mi 1-2 years before his death.⑥ There is a close relationship between the characteristics and Ch'eng-kuan of East Asian Buddhism centering on the idea of Samantabhadra-Bodhisattva-Caryā-Praṇidhāna and the belief of Samantabhadra-Bodhisattva, and the ideological and religious efforts of Tsung-mi.
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  • Publisher :Korean Association of Buddhist Studies
  • Publisher(Ko) :불교학연구회
  • Journal Title :Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies
  • Journal Title(Ko) :불교학연구
  • Volume : 4
  • No :0
  • Pages :171~190