April 2006. pp. 155~180
In this paper, I proposed that in its generation and disappearance, papañca has circular and ramified structure. Because of this structure, papañca is able to generate and disappear. This structure can be shown in Madhupiṇḍika Sutta and Sakkapañha Sutta. In Madhupiṇḍika Sutta, "When there is the manifestation of thinking(vitakka), it is possible to point out the manifestation of besetment by perception and notion [born of] mental proliferation(papañcasaññāsaṅkhā)", in Sakkapañha Sutta, "thinking arises from perception and notion [born of] mental proliferation". Connecting Madhupiṇḍika Sutta and Sakkapañha Sutta, we can gain circular structure in generation of papañca. By vicious circular structure, papañcasaññāsaṅkhā is more substantialized and becomes fundamental of all evil state in private and public.Substantializing tendency arises from the ideation(saññā). sense perception is conceptualized by saññā and conception is ratiocinated by thinking(vitakka) and ratiocination is proliferated by proliferation(papañca). All this process is mediated by language. After all arises papañcasaññāsaṅkhā in the end. Papañcasaññāsaṅk- hā act as catalyst to amplify the process. In the basis of the proliferation lies concept-I. Proposition 'I am(asmi)' is the most fundamental papañca.Ramified structure can cut off the vicious circle. If the structure is non-ramified, there is no nibbana. Phassa, vedanā, saññā and vitakka have two perspective, negative and positive. Therefore in negative perspective, we get to generate and diffuse the papañca, but in positive perspective, we can cease to the papañca. To eliminate the papañca, above all must we protect our sensual function.
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  • Publisher :Korean Association of Buddhist Studies
  • Publisher(Ko) :불교학연구회
  • Journal Title :Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies
  • Journal Title(Ko) :불교학연구
  • Volume : 13
  • No :0
  • Pages :155~180